This Music Artist Was Asked To Play a Song Under 3 Minutes With No Profanity, So He Played This

Musical artist Tim Minchin, an Australian born artist best know for his musical comedy filled with political satire, profanity, and humor poking fun at religion, was asked to come on the Ruth Jones Easter Special on the BBC to perform a song. The only requirements they gave him was that the song should be under 3 minutes, and have no bad language. Which most of his songs are 5 minutes and over and have a "bit of bad language" as he says so in his song.

Minchin came up with a song that pretty much describes his thought process of coming up with a song that fits under the requirements he was given. A timer runs throughout his song as he fits the song perfectly into 3 minutes.

Considering what he had to work with, I think he did pretty well.

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