This Commercial That Took $0 To Make Is Better Than Most of The Super Bowl Commercials This Year

This commercial made by a guy someone knows, was made on a $0 budge, except of course for the multi-thousand dollar camera, and the time it takes to shoot and edit the thing. The commercial was supposedly filmed with actors, cameramen, and directors that did it in their spare time.

Here's some more info:

My friend – who plays the leading role – is not an actor. The Director and cameraman are professionals, but did everything in their spare time.

The client (an mc boot manufacturer) supplied them only with a pair of boots and nothing else. The client did not even know what type of commercial that was being made. It was shot during one single day on location at a real MC club in the deep woods of Sweden; Sundbäckens MC.

Everyone appearing in the film are real members of the club. Except for "The Prospect" :)

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