Texas A&M's Ball Chant Is a Pretty Brutal Tradition When an Opposing Pitcher Walks Their Batter

When an opposing team walks one of Texas A&M's batters during a college baseball game, the entire audience begins a pretty brutal tradition where they all start chanting "BALL 5, BALL 5" and continue counting up with each subsequent pitch that's a ball. With the entire stand chanting, it clearly gets into the pitcher's head, with this pitcher from TCU throwing some near-beans, whereas in another game against Minnesota, a pitcher threw 11 consecutive balls due to the chanting.

What's especially great about this chant, is how the announcers just stop talking and let the moment take over and allow the chant to announce the current situation unfolding.

Check out another example of the Texas A&M ball chant below against Colorado where they get up to BALL 11.

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