This Is What Happens When The World's Top Competitive Eater Goes Undercover At a Buffalo Wild Wings

The world's top competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, goes undercover at a Buffalo Wild Wings in New York City to prank the New York Cosmos soccer club, and especially the guy he's competing with, midfielder Peri Marošević. Kobayashi goes undercover and acts as a busboy at the restaurant, even cleaning off Marošević's table at one point. Once the competition begins, Kobayashi starts out slow as to keep himself undercover, but after a few minutes into it, he turns it up, and in the end eating 58 wings to Peri's 18.

Takeru Kobayashi Undercover Prank At Buffalo Wild Wings

We started the video right where the action starts, but if you feel like watching the whole thing, feel free to start it at the beginning.

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