This Drunk Lady Stumbles Onto The Subway Tracks With The Train Just a Few Hundred Feet Away

Being drunk and waiting on the yellow line at a subway station is never a good mixture. This lady who's either extremely drunk or has a serious case of vertigo stumbles and falls onto the tracks, all while an an oncoming train is barreling down towards her. On-lookers know the train is too close for them to jump down and haul her rag-doll-like body back up onto the platform (either that or there's no heroes in the crowd willing to risk their lives).

Subway Train Nearly Runs Over Drunk Lady

Everyone nearby that notices the drunken woman on the tracks begin to wave their hands in hope to get the attention of the Subway driver. Little did you know that Subway trains had such great brakes, but luckily the driver is able to stop just in the nick of time to not drive right over the lady.

Subway Train Nearly Runs Over Drunk Lady

If it weren't for the numerous people waving at the subway driver, this lucky lady would surely be dead.

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