Morgan Freeman's Voice Is Now Available To Choose Through The Waze Navigation App

If you're like me, you use Waze (iOS|Android) pretty much everywhere you go, not because you don't know how to get to your destination, but because it shows you great information along your route, like police locations, hazards, and road closures. Often times with new movies coming out, starring actors make their voices available to Waze as a promotion for the movie like Arnold Schwarzenegger did for the new Terminator movie. Well now Morgan Freeman, the voice we've all been waiting for, is now available to tell you where to drive on Waze.

Morgan Freeman Waze GPS Voice

Now Freeman's authoritative, yet soothing baritone voice can tell you to take the next exit, continue on the current road for 14.6 miles, and notify us of upcoming hazards and police reports ahead. No doubt promoting his new movie London Has Fallen, in which Freeman plays the Vice President, when telling you directions, he actually refers to you as the President, with lines such as "The time has arrived President Wazer, the world awaits your commands", and "The American people are counting on you... to drive... Lets go!"

Morgan Freeman Waze GPS Voice

To get Morgan Freeman's voice, simply open Waze, go into your settings, go to the 'Sound' section, and under 'Navigation guidance' select 'English (US) - Morgan Freeman'.

I guess this satire commercial from 3 years ago depicting Morgan Freeman as your GPS has finally come true!

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