This Fox News Reporter Over-throws an Axe and Hits a Drummer Behind The Target

This Fox News host attempts to throw an axe at a target a few feet away from him, but accidentally overthrows the axe and hits a drummer behind it. Whoever had the idea to not only not put a larger backdrop behind the target so that if someone were to miss the target, this wouldn't happen, but also placing a group of drummers right behind an axe-throwing target is probably not the greatest idea either. In essence I'd say it's a little bit of everyone's fault here.

Fox News Report Overthrows Axe, Hits Drummer

Jeff Prosperie, the drummer who was struck by the axe, was thankfully ok after the mishap, and was not actually struck by the sharp edge of the axe. Although we could certainly see a lawsuit somewhere in the near future, as he writes on his Facebook page that the throw was "Obvious Negligence", he also says he is "focusing on full physical and emotional recovery".

Fox News Report Overthrows Axe, Hits Drummer

What really gets my jolly's going is how smug and satisfied this CNN host is to throw their competitors in the dirt, even going as far as digging through their history of gaffs and goofs to say this isn't the only thing they've screwed up in the past.

You gotta also love how well trained the other two drummers are. Even when a random axe comes flying by and hits their 3rd drummer, they are pretty much unfazed and continue playing like nothing happened.

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