Crane Collapses On a New York City Street Today Killing 1 and Injuring 3

A 565 foot crane collapsed today in New York City killing 1 person, and injuring 3 others during Friday morning's rush hour. David Wichs was the lone 38 year old man that was killed in the tragedy while he sat in his car below the crane. Of the 3 injuries the crane caused, 2 of them are considered serious, but not life threatening, whereas the other injury seems to be minor.

Crane Collapses On New York City Street - GIF

The cause of the crane collapsing is still unknown, but it was being lowered into a secure position after winds raised to over 25 MPH. Cranes in New York City are required to be secured if winds reach 25 MPH.

Crane Collapses On New York City Street - GIF

CNN reports further:

As a precaution, the city immediately ordered the 376 crawler and 53 tower cranes in operation in New York be immediately secured, officials said.

Crane Collapses On New York City Street - GIF

Building inspectors had been at the site of the collapse a day earlier after granting approval for the crane operator to add an extension, bringing the crane to 565 feet, according to de Blasio. The work was found to be in "full compliance."

Crane Collapses On New York City Street

The impact of the hulking crane may have damaged underground gas mains, and utility inspectors were checking for gas leaks, officials said. A leaking water main was shut down.

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